Old Lama Care Project

The Danang Foundation Care of Elderly Monks Program provides ordained Sangha above 60 years old with medical subsidy.This program had been implemented in India, and had benefitted more than 480 elderly persons since 2009.

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Mobile clinics and Medical teams for Rural areas in the Himalayan Region

There are several villages scattered across the Himalayan region that are highly inaccessible due to underdevelopment or lack of proper infrastructure. Those who live in these areas are isolated from basic modern facilities, including medical care.

Danang Foundation has raised funds to establish mobile clinics and to send monthly medical teams into these remote areas. These medical teams must rely on skilled guides and even animals, such as yaks, to navigate the dangerous mountain passes and risky terrain. Every month, more than 250 people are treated by these teams and often, this is their only source of medical care.

In the near future, Danang Foundation hopes to raise additional funds to expand the areas of medical care to include minor and even major surgeries for those in need.