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Rinpoche's Letter

We live in a very diverse world—populated by different races, ethnicities and cultures, yet, we are all bound by a common desire to be happy and avoid suffering.

Still, countless sentient beings suffer enormously, both physically and emotionally. As Buddhists, we believe that sentient beings have been our dear parents and beloved ones in previous life times and that they have been very kind to us. Therefore, we have responsibilities to alleviate their sufferings and create favorable conditions for their happiness. We can do this by means of cultivating compassion and practicing loving kindness.

To fulfill these responsibilities, I founded Danang Foundation with a clear mission to provide both short- and long-term assistance in alleviating the sufferings of sentient beings by supporting projects to improve education, alleviate poverty, provide healthcare, preserve culture and conserve the environment.     

This mission has been especially dear to me throughout my life as a monk. I would like to dedicate all the merits gained through implementing this virtuous work to benefit all sentient beings.

May all virtues be ripen and auspicious!


Tashi Delek!
Lama Tsewang Tashi Rinpoche
Oct. 6th, 2014