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From Tibet to India by the United States to global Changes in the world in your mind in the moment

In 2006, Lama Tsewang Rinpoche founded Danang Foundation, a nonprofit organization established and incorporated in New York City. Its aim is to provide support for the charitable projects Tsewang Rinpoche had previously began in Tibet and at the same time, to connect people to pursue new efforts across borders.

In his nine years as abbot of Nenang Monastery, Tsewang Rinpoche engaged in a variety a Dharmic and charitable projects, to benefit both the Sangha and lay communities. However, in 1999, these projects came to a standstill when Tsewang Rinpoche left Tibet to escort the Karmapa to India.

After Tsewang Rinpoche settled down in America, he found the circumstances conducive to set up a foundation to continue these Dharmic and charitable efforts from afar. Thus, Danang Foundation was established.

Danang Foundation is a Buddhist organization, built on the principle to benefit others, with a focus on five areas: providing education, alleviating poverty, providing medical care, preserving culture and conserving the environment.