(A short list of some of Danang Foundation’s charity projects)

2016, Danang Foundation founded an orphange in Nangdu Village, Dege, Ganzi, Sichuan province.

In 2016, Danang Foundation founded an orphange in Nangdu Village, Dege, Ganzi, Sichuan province. The orphanage currently houses 25 children from ages 4 to 15. There are plans to take in up to 30, and to accomodate up to 50 - if finances permit, in the future.
Danang Foundation has already purchased 2 mu (roughly 0.133 hectares) of land beside a public school (for the convenience of attending school). However, with limited funds, the foundation has to raise some 75,000 RMB (US$120,000) to contruct two dormitories (male and female, with room for 15 bed spaces in each room), a kitchen, quarters for the caretaker and office, etc, and a monthly expense of 500RMB (US$75) per resident in the orphanage.
Danang Foundation appeals to everyone to join in this effort; to provide a safe haven for these children, who are otherwise without a source of guidance or livelihood, that they may have access to education and a secured future.

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An orphanage built and orphans provided for, Tibet. (2007)

While still in Tibet, Tsewang Rinpoche initiated projects such as the building of an orphanage in Kadui, Tibet, to provide for orphans and to help them pursue viable livelihoods. In 2007, Danang Foundation donated RMB50, 000 to aid the continuation of an orphanage project in Dekyi, which was on hold due to insufficient funds. With Danang Foundations financial aid, the Dekyi orphanage was able to successfully complete its construction and provide shelter, education and medical care for more than seventy orphans.




International Disaster Relief

In recent years, frequent natural disasters worldwide, unexpected earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, resulting in the displacement of countless victims. Danang Foundation donated to the disaster area, or through the Red Cross disaster relief to help the victims body and mind settle and rebuild their homes.

2009 Donation to 1 Foundation in Taiwan

Danang Foundation has made an effort to provide disaster relief, so that normalcy can quickly return in disaster stricken areas. In 2009, through One Foundation, founded by Jet Li, Danang Foundation contributed to Taiwan’s recovery after Typhoon Morakot. Danang Foundation, through Red Cross, has also contributed to earthquake relief in Haiti, Sichuan Lushan and Qinghai Yushu.



4/25/2015 Nepal’s Earthquake Relief

Following the unfortunate and devastating earthquakes in Nepal, Danang Foundation had worked swiftly to remit US$15,000.00 to representatives who were currently on-site, to provide financial aid and relief to victims. Tsewang Rinpoche had left specific instructions that the aid should try to reach, first and foremost, those trapped in remote areas, the sick, aged and young ones, and those, who for reasons, are likely to be excluded or are unable to actively and successfully procure help for themselves.

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On April 25, 2015, a massive earthquake devastated Nepal and its neighboring areas.  Many thousands of people lost their lives, while many more lost their homes and are temporarily quartered with very limited resources.

As this tragedy continues to unfold, we at Danang Foundation, are joining the international community in its efforts to provide emergency relief.  We will be purchasing food, clothing and other supplies for those affected by the earthquake. Our associates located in Nepal will purchase and distribute the supplies directly to those families and individuals who are in critical need of assistance.

Danang Foundation is currently offering $15,000 to purchase emergency supplies. If you would like to help, please consider joining us and donating to Danang’s Nepal Earthquake Relief effort by visiting the Donate page and make sure to note that your donation is for “Nepal Earthquake Relief”.


Miscellaneous Charity Projects

Danang Foundation regularly contributes to other organizations with public- and welfare- oriented goals.

  • Donation to The Office of Tibet

  • Donation to Sakya Heritage Foundation

  • Donation to Red Cross (in aid of Lushan earthquake victims)

  • Donation to victims of the Yushu earthquake, 2010

  • Donation to Red Cross (for victims of the Haitian Tsunami)

  • Donation to Young Buddhist Center

  • Donation to Ocean of Merit

  • Donation to Lhasa Kyiduk

  • Donation to Sakya Tsechen Association

  • Donation to Nepal Earthquake Relief